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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Art Jamming at Gera's Place

Earlier in the afternoon, I went over to one of my bimbo sister, Gera's house for art jamming. She picked up painting as a hobby a while back and would every now and then be searching for like-minded friends to paint with her. Unfortunately, not many people are into painting.

I, on the other hand, had wanted to sign up for those few-day courses at one of those art schools or to sign up for those tea-time social painting. It so happened that one fine day, we were sharing about painting as a hobby and found each other as company for painting sessions. It was a win-win situation. She would guide me the basics of acrylic painting and I would be her impetus to finish her painting. It is always more fun when you paint with someone.

This was the painting which she had put on hold for more than half a year. I could already see the beauty in its incomplete state.


I started my artwork by doing a rough sketch on the canvas with a wooden pencil. I did not exactly know what I have in mind. One thing for sure, I knew I wanted to paint a tree, an intriguing tree with a whimsical feel and that was about it.


We worked mainly with primary colours and mixed to get shades of brown, red, pink, peach, beige, green and so on.


Our steady progress


And finally, us with our masterpiece!


I really LURVE Gera's painting! I love the gradient of grey on the crane's wings which you can't really see from the photo as the light was shining overhead. I also love the swirls of colours on the flowers.


Here is my amateurish painting. It isn't what I have envisioned (no intriguing tree, no whimsical feel). However, I'm still proud of myself as this is my first attempt at acrylic painting on canvas.


After painting and having our dinner, we chilled around in her room. Being my primary school friend, I've known Gera for almost 20 years and I always feel like I'm frozen in time whenever I look at some of the stuff in and around her room. I could see objects from primary and secondary school days amidst more contemporary items.


Interpretation and feedback

I think it would be cool to name my art piece and I'm still coming up with some titles. Some of my friends asked for the interpretation of this painting (significance of balloon, that mysterious little white thing etc). It is open for interpretation and instead of providing my description here, I would love to hear what you have to say. Any positive or negative feedback is welcome too!



  1. *mouth drops* these painting are so lovely. just looking at them makes me forget that i'm sitting in a hot room just because the colors are just so cool to see. anyway, you are super talented! you should sell your work ! :D

  2. I like both of the paintings and don't think your's is amatuerish at all and it is whimsical. You are you're worst critic!!!

    The balloon could be many things. Perhaps a signal or beacon letting the world know the girl has love in her heart...or it could represent her desire to fly while remaining tethered to her loved ones. The little white apparition is her guardian angel hovering nearby, letting her know she's never alone. The tree is in beautiful full-bloom, showing the renewal and hope that is symbolized by Spring.

    Or it could all be something completely different...that's just what I see. Thanks for sharing the artwork Jo! =)

  3. Those paintings are stunning, really beautiful!! xx

  4. your painting is sooo cute <3 you are so talented :O

  5. What beautiful paintings from both of you. So colorful and girly (:

    I don't know, but after saw your painting, I came up with the title: Waiting for love?
    And I think the little angel show up to make her wish come true.
    Tell me if the interpretation is far from it xp

    Dreamy Princess

  6. Thanx lovelies for your comments!


    I lurve your in-depth and thoughtful interpretation of the painting. Thank you for taking the time to analyse and interpret. To tell you honestly, I'm a little clueless myself as I painted coz I had lots of different takes on this painting too.

    Dreamy Princess,
    Your title sounds really apt according to your interpretation. As I told Rick above, I'm a little clueless myself as I painted coz I had lots of different takes on this painting too.

    Thank you Rick and Dreamy Princess for your very interesting inputs. I really appreciate and enjoy reading them!

    Hmm... both of you took it as the white thing is an angel. I guess I should not have drawn the halo above its head. (better than my mum who called it a BIRD)

    I kept calling the little white thing "Simple Thing" as from Keane's song Somewhere Only We Know and this title just rings in my head. This sounds like an interpretation that is so way off right? lol... Thou I always think art is open for interpretation.

  7. I love how creative these pictures are really beautiful x


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