Friday, July 02, 2010

Is it July already?

[Photo credit: Chrissie White]


  1. hahaha! cute!

    at first i didn't realize what the yellow squiggly thing was. now i see it! July is here!

  2. Haha... Chrissie White is creative eh? Oopsy while reading your comment, I realised I forgot to credit the photo. Will do so now.

  3. time passes fast. is july!! and i am still unacomplished. I cannot even rem what i did in jan.

  4. Anon & citrella,

    Totally agree! Don't you wish we could have a pause button or rewind button in our life at times?

    Anon pls leave a pseudonym next time as I would love to connect with my readers. =)

  5. Copied & pasted from tagboard for remembrance:

    1 Jul 10, 01:22
    justin: wow, ur still blogging!! been a while since i checked back to any blogs =)

    2 Jul 10, 01:12
    Jo to justin: Surprised to see your tag! How have you been? Hope all's well with you!


    2 Jul 10, 12:12
    Canny: Hi Jo! yes, July is already here! 2nd day in fact! LOL! time passes way too fast!! And i feel that i always have no time! haha! U looked pretty on ur bday! And great buys!! heehee!! =p

    4 Jul 10, 19:10
    Jo to Canny: My dear "xi ke", that has since become your nickname. Yes you're so bz!!! I miss reading your updates. Time passes so fast. It seem like only not too long ago u were in US.



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