Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eyes are the window to the soul

For people with souless eyes like yours truly, fortunately we can rely on make up to accentuate our peepers.

I'm a mascara freak. My basic make up needs are mascaras and eyeliners. I can do without the foundation.

Currently using all of these...

Yes I just mentioned I'm a mascara freak... I know I am. My friends always tell me I've only got two eyes... but I just can't stop myself from trying out mascaras. Knowing my love for mascaras, friends tend to give me mascaras as gifts too.

From left to right:
Rimmel Sexy Curves
Estee Lauder TURBOLASH-All Effects Motion Mascara
Canmake Glamorous Fur
Maybelline Define-A-Lash (not available in sg)
Sasa Super Dolly
Koji Spring Heart Long and Separate
Covergirl Lash Blast Length (not available in sg)

Of course I don't use 7 of them all at the same time but I like to use 2 or 3 of them together.

In the past, I get lots of people asking me about the mascaras I use but with the recent trend in applying false lashes even on a daily basis, I get lesser of such questions now coz my mascaraed lashes could never look as long as other people's fake lashes. =(

Covergirl Lash Blast Length doesn't blast the lashes plump. Neither does it contribute to length. It's really not a good mascara on its own. However, it acts as an excellent base. The brush is divine. It's small and made of rubber and hence it catches every single bit of lash -- even those at the corners -- glides very smoothly over them, coating them thinly and evenly. I love the feel and sound of the gliding brush against my lashes.

With all lashes evenly coated comes the next step: Applying Estee Lauder TURBOLASH-All Effects Motion Mascara or Maybelline Define-A-Lash or Sasa Super Dolly or BrowLash EX which I recently purchased.

Look at the shape of the brush! BrowLash EX works exactly like how the pictures depict.I always love how Jap brand mascaras deliver what they promise.

Estee Lauder TURBOLASH-All Effects Motion Mascara's bristles look criss cross and untidy but the vibrating effect ensures that each lash is coated with a fan shaped effect. It works really well with the Covergirl one as a base.

Maybelline Define-A-Lash plumps up the lashes without clumping. It's one of the BEST maybeline mascaras around. Maybelline always smudges big time on me. Not this though. Too bad it's not available in sg. I bought it to try when I was in New York coz the mascaras in the drugstores there are so cheap! I bought the Covergirl one there too.

Sasa Super Dolly is touted as Sasa's best selling mascara so I bought it to try. It has a revolutionalised rubber brush which can bend to fit the contour of the eye. The SA told me it's the only rubber brush mascara available in here in Singapore. After the first try, I don't like this mascara at all. The consistncy is quite thick and runny. Its effects messy and clumpy. Nothing dolly about it at all except the thickness of the lashes. I tend to accidentally paint it onto my lids due to its consistency. With constant practice, I am now able to not rant so much about it.

The last step would be to coat the lower lashes. Rimmel Sexy Curves is not a good mascara for upper lashes. I looked like I had nothing on my lashes despite applying a few coats. It's super dry too so lots of time is spent to coat the lashes. It works wonders for the lower lashes though so I started using it as my lower lash mascara. I was so glad I didn't let this go to waste!

Canmake Glamorous Fur is one of those mascaras which I repurchased... meaning it is really good. Jap brand mascaras are that good. That tube you see up there is empty. I can't seem to locate this series on the shelf anymore. I hope they haven't discontinued it.

Koji Spring Heart Long and Separate is cheap but a great disappointment. The brush is big and fat; it wasn't able to lengthen and separate at all. Moreover, the consistency is too dry. I wonder if the tube I bought is nearing its expiry date but no. Koji retractable eyeliner is GOOD though. It's cheap at only $9.90 and I think I may be into my tenth pencil or something.

Ending this post with images of pretty girls with smokin' eyes coz everyone loves pretty girls (with smokin' eyes) rite?


  1. Jo -- I agree with you about mascaras and eyeliners for most people. It really makes a big difference. As for me, I have barely any lashes so mascara does not help at all. :(

    I love eye liner and I swear by Bobby Brown gel liner -- its water proof.

  2. maybe you should do a side job of reviewing make up products. HAHA (:

  3. those are pretty pics of eyes :)
    and I'm curious about the lashbrow ex thingy (can't remember the name O__o) you should do a review when you use it ^^ the brush doesn't look like anything I've used. My fav mascara brand so far is majolica majorca :D maybe I'll try canmake cuz you said it's good ;P

    And btw I just gave you a blog award


  4. Ping,

    Is Bobby Brown gel liner those kind that comes in a pot and has to be applied with a brush? Probably I should go check it out at the counters some day since you said it's waterproof. =) I trust you words... Haha...

  5. Nadine,

    Hahaha... My initial intention for this post wasn't to review. I've got a loooooong way to go coz I'm no expert like what some gals out there are.

  6. Frances,

    The lashbrow mascara's brush looks exactly as shown in the picture. It's made of plastic and it catches the lashes well. Really not bad at all. However its lengthening effect not as good as Canmake glamorous fur as it has no fibre inside. I haven't tried majolica majorca yet as I heard that the mascara that everyone was raving about in my country changed new formula and isn't as good anymore. I think for some countries, they're still using the older but better formula.

    Thanx dear for the blog award. You're so sweet. I'm quite new to such awards. Will go check it out soon.

  7. Hi Jolene, Maybelline Define-A-Lash i think is just available in Singapore :))

    It's the vibrating mascara right?

  8. citrella,

    Oh, it's not the vibrating one. You mean the vibrating one in sg has the same name? I went to Watson's recently but couldn't find the vibrating Maybelline. Heard about it though. Did you try it?

  9. Hi Jo

    Mascra is really important but it helps that u have long lashes to being with. For me with super short and limited lashes, it does not help at all. Instead it focus on the weakness.

    Keep ur post coming :)

  10. Anon,

    My lashes aren't as long and lush as before coz the years of make up and removing do take a toll of them. =(

    You can try those natural looking fake eyelashes. I know a few people who wear fake eyelashes on a daily basis to reduce the hassle of washing up and losing lashes.

    Do leave a pseudonym next time so I know who my readers are ok? =D

  11. Girl... I'm mascara obsessed too! I just ran out of Fiberwig and I'm so sad. All my old mascaras cannot compare. =/ I wish I had more options other than Fiberwig though. Japanese brand mascaras are definitely better than the brand in the US. YUCK...

    I've been wanting to try the Canmake one but I don't know where to get it in the states. =( *sigh. I haven't been able to find a site that ships to the US either soo... I guess some day when I visit Asia.

    Of all the mascaras you talked about BrowLash EX and Canmake Glamorous Fur sound the most appealing and promising.

    <3s Serena.

  12. Serena,

    LoLz ~High 5~ to another mascara obsessed gal! I totally agree with you on Jap brand mascaras. What I like is that they are smudgeproof and yet easy to remove with just warm water.

    Oh I tried fibrewig before and I repurchased it too which means it ranked quite well on my mascara list. Browlash and Canmake Glamorous Fur is better in that they have the same effect as Fibrewig but FW tends to weigh my lashes down by the end of the day. The other two remained curled and "gravity defying".

    I hope you manage to visit Asia soon!


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