Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Off to the big apple in about 7hours time

I would be away from 24th Dec 2009 till 9th Jan 2010.

I thought I could finish blogging all of the year's events in Singapore before I leave but I was too ambitious.

Here are some photos of what happened in November and December. I will update with more photos and words when I'm back in sg next year.

Lazy Sunday with shan

Tiff's birthday dinner/ xmas light ups

The twins' birthday

Dinner with dear cuz-in-law

Dinner with the babes

Oopsy... The sun is setting. I've gotta settle all the last minute stuff now. My luggage is not completely packed yet.

Wishing all a MERRY MERRY Christmas!



  1. I never knew that you know Karen from and her friend with the lavish fairy tale wedding at some resort and reginachow as a group!

  2. Hi anon,

    Singapore is so small and it's not surprising to know that there are many mutual friends around. I don't happen to know them as a group but we happen to meet up for dinner altogether.


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