Saturday, November 21, 2009

For the Villain

Atrocious, abhorrent, artlessly appalling
Bastardly, beastly, blatantly base
Callous, cruel, clearly cheap
Diabolical, detestable, downright despicable


Filthy, fetid, fiendishly foul
Grim, ghastly, gloweringly grisly
Hellish, hateful, honestly heinous
Immoral, ignoble, immensely insignificant


Loathesome, lowly, loutish loser
Malevolent, malicious, miscreant MONSTER
Noxious, nefarious, notorious nimcompoop
Odious, offensive, outrightly obnoxious



Revolting, repulsive, remarkably repugnant
Stinking, shameless, sorry soul

Totally and
Vile, vulgar and vicious


- Jo

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