Monday, October 26, 2009

Cool Halloween Make Up Tutorials

This post is for my Halloween buddies.

I started viewing Michelle Phan’s make up tutorial videos to get some ideas for Halloween make up. I’ve not read her blog for the longest time ever and only started once more when a colleague of mine was telling me how she learnt how to use old name cards as mascara application guards from Michelle Phan. The next day, I brought back a stack of useless name cards from work and copied her method. =D

Michelle Phan has got some really cool make up tutorials with great music and smooth voiceovers.

Tif suggested going blonde so here are 2 cool blonde get up for Halloween:

1. Plastic Barbie Beauty [Must watch]

2. Lady Gaga Poker Face [Must watch]

Hmm… is Sailormoon considered blonde? [Can skip]

I really love the first 2 make up but dunno whether got time to buy blonde wig leh.

My personal favourites would be the dark look like the vampire and masquerade look:

1. Seductive vampire [Must watch]

2. Mysterious Masquerade Look... Love her self-made mask! [Must watch]

Eyes are the windows to the soul. Dressing up the eye could very well be dressing up for Halloween. Here are 4 ideas to consider for jazzing up the eyes:

1) Iridescent aurora eyes… Love how translucent her pupils accentuates the whole aurora feel! [Must watch]

2) Leopard print eyes [Can skip]

3) Anime Eyes… Anyone wanna go for the cutesy look? [Can skip]

4) Fallen dark angel – Not Michelle Phan but I love the long feathery lashes that were painted on. [Must watch]

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