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Recounting December Chapter 2 -- Partying is such sweet sorrow

Updated as of 22nd January

I’m sorry for the lack of updates.

I mentioned in one of my posts that “I sure hope I don't do a "Recounting December" post in January 2009.”

I did.

I’m still trailing on the embers of December when it’s already two weeks past 2009.

<:3 )~~ <:3 )~~ <:3 )~~ <:3 )~~ <:3 )~~


The middle till the end of December marks the period of festive mood, lots of parties and celebrations. First was the...

Style Party @ Bellini Grande

Before the event, we were all labelling this the “atas party” of the year. It was after all organised by Style magazine... sure very STYLo wan.

Truth is the party fell flat. It ended before it even started... We went "huh" and then ran the party ourselves. Thus from then on, the party started after it ended.

It was great making new frenz who so totally click. Lameness, 38-ness, bimbocity... and good clean fun, our blonde roots were emerging with every tick of the clock.

We also made our way home with loads of goodies. Now, that’s what I call STYLE.

Nuff said. Let the photos flow.

Wondering what to wear to an atas party, I threw on a Bebe top over an old slinky pants, paired outfit with an unmatching Coach hobo, carried an extra pair of shoes for tiff in a dingy bag, donned some pearls to make up for the mismatched look and scurried to town. Totally unstylish!

Could never resist a mirror shot

It was fortunate that tiff’s fren brought a bunch of her gal frenz. Initially, we were exchanging polite hellos. After moet and vodka, we were soon talking like old frenz and punctuating our sentences with loads of laughter.

During the lucky draw section, we were dismissing our luck by declaring to ourselves that all the winners would either be fixed beforehand or were zi4 ji3 ren2 in the company.

Immediately after one of the gals said that, her name was announced. She won the third prize which was a Follie Follie necklace.

Without having enough time to recover from our surprise, the second winner was announced— she was also from our group.

She won a Vagary watch.

We clapped. We cheered. We screamed.

By then, all eyes were affixed on our table. The photographer trooped over to take pictures of us and the winners. The people around us assumed our table consisted of important people.

First prize was a Long Champ bag which went out to somebody we didn’t know. We plotted to steal her bag after the party.

Next came the best dressed award and after that, the party was officially over.

Although we were surprised at the way the party ended, we were elated to receive our many goody bags.

We stayed behind to start our own party while the crowd dispersed.

Cute ladies and gents sign

What a lot of goodies and vouchers in the goody bag!

Sports towel cao4 cao3 also is an Agnes B wor!

Our favourite goodie in the bag is the Follie Follie charm

[Pictures of goodies courtesy of evan who painstakingly lay them out for snapping. Babe, I haven't once realised that our marble flooring is the same!]


SD & ND’s wedding @ The Legends

Well, I’ve to admit that the initials for the groom isn’t quite rite. However all of us sh****d* and sh****w* peeps would be very familiar with the initials “ND” instead of his real name.

To sd:
For the record, I do know your hubby’s real name. Hahaha… Does nd come here? Tell him I know his real name ok?


Now-s a-s day-s ah, weddings always commence very late wor.

I ended class at 8pm, punched out before my punch out time and zipped off to Fort Canning in a cab, thinking that I would be really late. When I reached there, many people were still around the reception area taking their time to stroll into the ballroom.

Once again, it was always great to see the sh****d* and sh****w* babes from my ex co. It was lovely to see the F4 gang and my mentor and the rest of the lunch kakis and basically everyone from there.

Recruitment for the sh****w* gang has been increasing steadily and as we embark on our new lives, we never fail to have common topics to talk about.

Pictures now, shall we?

[NB: I’m aware that some of the photos look overly edited. I forgot if it was the oil painting effect I was trying to achieve but the outcome looked more fake than ever.]

The F4

I love the photo in a photo idea

The F4 really need to meet up soon!

Mentor Mentee shot 2008

lv never fails to change her hairstyle each time I see her.

The one who’s damn good at making great craft from scrap materials

The next person to get married

It was difficult to snap good shots of the food and after a while, we gave up.

When the 2 tables combined…

Of coz we definitely want a piece of the bride too!

All of us could see how happy sd was that night. She was every bit the blissful bride. It’s a pity I did not capture any good shots of the couple. I think they are so tall such that they walked too quickly for anyone to snap a proper pic of them. =P

Somehow, the sh****** peeps would always be seated rite at the door. We wonder if it was coz we are always the noisiest table and hence could contribute to the grand entrance of the bride and groom by screaming and cheering and woo-ing to our hearts’ content.

With that in mind, maybe I should put ex co and current co tables at both sides of the door. Then both tables can compete in cheering since current co people also sibei onz cheering de.

Will continue recounting the rest of the embers in a new post...


  1. Dear Jolene,
    What a lot of goodys. How did you get to go to the style magazine party? Is it must write in?

    Please continue to write before Chinese ny as I don't think I can wait that long. Hee!

    I say just now in the other december blog that I will be back. ^_^

    Did you change something to the setting as I cant see my comment after I publish.


  2. Hi Jolene,

    I luv the goodie bag that you got! Haha.

    Anyway may 2009 be a great year for you!! =) You must be looking forward to your wedding! Hee

  3. Hi Yen,
    Oh my buddy got invites to the party so there we were.

    Well, I'll TRY to write before CNY k? I've got tuition and springcleaning and settling of wedding stuff during my off days so my blog is pretty much neglected lately.

    Yup, I've changed my comments setting. =)

  4. Hi June,
    Haha... I've not used any of the goody inside yet. Hence, they're cluttered all over the floor as we had 3 bags.

    May 2009 be a good year for you and your loved ones! Yup, I'm really quite looking fwd to my wedding and enjoying the whole prep process. =D

    Cya around!

  5. Dear Bill Austin,

    Hi, I'm sorry I don't quite get what this is all about.

    How did you get to my site?


  6. ~Copied and pasted from tagboard for remembrance~

    26 Jan 09, 18:20
    gera: happy new yr too! wat an awsome lookin party!

    29 Jan 09, 11:14
    xtina: wow! looks like u had lots of fun at tiff's invited party. She told me abt it during lunch but now i get to see the photos! i am so missing out! haha!

    1 Feb 09, 22:32
    Jo to gera & xtina: Yes it was!!! Esp the goodies. Heh... The company was great too.


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