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Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Halloween that wasn't

This is just a stub. It's a lazy lazy Sunday... I've slept for 12 hours but I'm still sleepy.

Anyone experienced the fine weather in the morning yesterday? My dad and sis agreed that it felt like natural air con even though the sun was shining brilliantly.


Updated on 6th November 2007

Wednesday, 31st October 2007

It was a jam-packed day. I was out from morning till the next morning.

I really love the ladies room at Derma Image.

The space is constraint and narrow but somehow, they managed to design a decent loo with that given space. A lot of bottles of pampering stuff which I have never gotten down to sampling.

Went out with the kakis for lunch/ tea at pasta cafe.

Apr was supposed to be the only one on the receiving end. But viv and me got gifts from joyce’s too.

Top L-R: Anna Sui lotion for apr... I HEART it! ; apr’s pouch
Bottom L-R: viv’s pouch ; all the gifts

I/ We were pleasantly surprised. When joyce was handing out the pouches, she said that mine was still not ready and gave me a Bodyshop voucher instead.

We were all like “Why are you giving us gifts?”

It turned out that those were our belated presents. So sweet of her! And I never knew she could sew. *wink*

The best of all…

Apr’s card was handmade by viv… We only chipped in by writing wise words in it.

Can you gimme one when I leave too.. Wahahaha…

More photos…

Thou shalt meet again. =)

Next stop: Met up with evan for dinner before clubbing.

Since we could not make it for Halloween parties on the 27th, I decided to arrange for a get-together on the actual day itself without dressing up.

MOS was really quiet that night. Should have done a zouk.

But nyah… a place can never be boring when you have the right company, right energy and a camera. It’s never boring with this sweetie around.

This evan was experimenting with mirror-ing shots…

Seeing doubles?

She was trying to take a shot where it would be difficult to differentiate between the original Jolene and her evil twin.

Which is the fake? Left or right?

Pretty obvious eh?

gera arrived with her pretty blue tree

No la… she brought along a friend. Quite a nice gal to hang out with. Next time call her out k?

We’ve got similar shoes! I remember xtina saying she got the same pair too. Triple telepathy!

Accosted by ghosts and that famous serial killer.

Dunno is they accost us or we accost them.

We got these free. *wink*

I was trying to snap when all of a sudden, beetlejuice snatched our ice!

Am I the only one who remembers this gross cartoon called Beetlejuice? I absolutely hated it.

Damn upset with my body! It’s getting unhealthier. I used to get red very easily and as far as I didn’t like sporting that look, people tell me it’s healthy as it shows that the body is “purging” the alcohol out. The past few times, I have been puking whenever I drank too, especially when there is a mix of a few different spirits or vodka involved. Yeah, it sounds sissy to puke but in a way, I feel a lot cleaner inside.

That night, no turn red, no puke, no good. Means all inside. Boo hoo!

Roll up… roll up…

Let our powers combine!

I’m so happy to buy a pair of nine west heels at the taka brand sale for more than 50% discount!

All of a sudden, I become a bird and go “cheap cheap cheap!”

I’ve been looking for a pretty pair of heels to wear for wedding dinner. Now I needn’t borrow my mum’s shoes.

Love the bling!

They aren’t Jimmy Choo's Stardust. However, they are gorgeous and most importantly, my small, narrow, ugly feet could fit perfectly into them!!! I felt like Cinderella… Haha… Once my feet could fit into any shoes well, I would most likely buy them.

The time now is 7.51am on a fine Wednesday morning. I’ll be going back to hq later. Shiet!


  1. Hi there,

    May I know where you got your grey top from?
    How much is it?
    And how much is the 9west shoes? They're very beautiful and bling bling, like what you say.
    Is it painful?

  2. Hi there,

    May I know where you got your grey top from?
    How much is it?
    And how much is the 9west shoes? They're very beautiful and bling bling, like what you say.
    Is it painful?

  3. Hi tracer,
    My grey top is from Tangs the gowns section and it's $79 I think.

    The Nine West shoes are $80 after discount. The normal price was $180. From my trying, it's not painful at all but I haven't worn it out yet. =)


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