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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day <---> Friendship Day =)

Updated on 21 Feb 2006.

This was meant to be a Valentine’s Day post. It appears that I’m one week late. I can’t find the time to blog at all. My comments page trails longer than my one sentence “To be updated when I’ve got the time!” temporary post. My friend, reg, had to help me answer to an anonymous reader before I even got to read the comments myself. I had no time to come online for long, not to mention update my blog.

I wasn’t exactly busy with work. Hell yes, I still bring work home to do but I was actually busy remodeling my social life, catching up with good pals I’ve not seen for a few months to a year. I’ve never been in such high spirits and satisfied with my mundane life for a long time.

Ah… I digress as usual. I was supposed to write about my V day. I will write about my not so mundane life some other time.

Well, I’m not going into the all-so-lovey-dovey-ultra-emotional mode like a year ago.

That only happens once in a blue, pink and purple moon. This V day would be our 5th anniversary and our bond has grown even stronger after some setbacks. Like all the other years, kh is out of town again. (I’m really getting used to this.) So as usual, he called on the eve and we chatted till the wee hours. We were both quite sleepy initially. But the more we talked and reminisce about past gaiety, the more we could not end the conversation. We kept recalling our silly times and poking fun at each other, constantly erupting into spontaneous guffaws. We just kept going on and on, laughing and laughing till the 2nd (or was it 3rd?) 1 hour limit cut the line off.

It was simple.

It was good.

I had sweet dreams that night.

The day itself was spent accompanying mum to polyclinic for her follow ups, tutoring C and meeting raine and HER friends for dinner at Settler’s Café.

C’s family was so cute. They were all up and out to see me to the door. They were looking at the clock as if wondering why I gave C the extra 10 minutes tuition time. When I was leaving his place, his little sister grinned at me, his grandpa nodded at me, his very fashionable mum looked at me from head to toe, smiled away and uttered, “Happy Valentine’s Day. Enjoy your day!” His grandma came to the door and said,”Qing ren jie kuai le!” and they all stood at the door and waved frantically.

I think they think I’m going on a hot date with kh. Haha!

The MRT at Khatib was rather empty. I could slowly walk to a seat without fear of it being snatched up by some kiasu Singaporeans. The carriage was dotted with uncles and aunties, all on their own. No couples anywhere. The guys probably figured it was more gentlemanly and suave to drive or to hail a cab. Along the journey, some young school kid couples came on. They looked so young that I wondered if they were of legal age to drink. A while later, a stinky man came to sit beside me, disrupting my people watching act, for I had to face the glass panel on the other side for the rest of the journey.

I was to meet raine at Clarke Quay for I don’t know anybody else there. They were all her friends and her friends’ friends. I call this get together a “pseudo matchmaking session”. Raine being an avid “matchmaker” collaborated with her friend to organize a singles day out. I was inadvertently drawn into the picture when raine assumed on her part that I had agreed to go out with her on V day since my bf is out of town. Coincidentally, her fiancé is also out of town, so the basic conception was that we should hang out together on a Valentine’s day. And yes that girl head counted me in and I only knew it the day before.

It was great that I went along. I had great fun. Her friends were all nice people and got along well with each other. In fact, they got along so well and I was confused as to who knows who long before or only on that day. It was truly a friends kinda outing and no moment of awkwardness. Hence, the term “pseudo matchmaking”.

We were so engrossed in this Saboteur game where the objective would be for miners to pave their ways to the gold nugget while the scheming saboteurs well, sabotage their efforts. It was fun lying and acting. But when I became honest, nobody believed me. It seemed that I’m not very well-liked saboteur or miner, as I’m often blocked and even double blocked by people every single game.

The Saboteurs win!

Complementary Crunchies From Settlers.

The people that night... Not quite.

2 more came back... Still not the full group. 1 was out running errands.

Everyone outside Settlers Cafe.

Me, Fran and Raine does a neoprint.

Another one.

That night was fun. Thank you raine, for asking me along and counting me in without my approval. I’m letting you off on that and thanking you sincerely from saving me from another night of V day spent at home. Now I have more friends to add to my social circle. Heh heh!


  1. What is the use of having a boyfriend who is always not there with you to celebrate important occasions in your life?

  2. Valentine's day isn't exactly what anyone would call an "important occasion". As long as both parties feel deeply for each other, everyday is valentine's day.

    Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, one may not have the time to keep their loved ones company..but that doesn't mean they should be denied the opportunity to love someone. Given that I've known Jo for quite some time, I know she feels loved, even though kh may not be physically by her side all the time. I dare say that her relationship with her bf is much stronger than that of others, whose partner may always be by their side.

  3. haha ignore my comments about v-day. Realised i was barking up the wrong tree :P. That being said, the 2nd paragraph is definitely still applicable. :D

  4. Dear anon,

    I think you don't know the true meaning of love.

    To add on to what reg has said, having a boyfriend isn't all about spending important occasions in our lives together. I have gone through a few periods of long distance relationship with kh and I find that our bond is stronger because of it. We grow to treasure each other and all the times spent together even more.

    Of course not being together physically is a huge hurdle to overcome but love is not solely about being physically together. At times, I do feel a little empty when I need a good hug or a shoulder to cry on but my heart would always be kept warm and fuzzy with great memories of the times we spent together.

    P/S: Thanx reg for speaking up for me when I did not have the time to see this the past few days. =) That's sweet of you.

  5. I said no offence so I hope you did not take it to heart. =)

    Maybe I do not have good impression of LDR as I know of many that failed badly. Maybe I'm sceptical of yours. Maybe I think you deserve better. Maybe I pity you enduring it. Maybe I pity myself. Maybe maybe.

    After I typed the comment, I wonder if I will sound rude so I included the 2nd comment. Thank you to you and your old friend reg for giving your viewpoints.

  6. You know what, anon? Maybe you have too much time. Maybe you should spend your time more fruitfully.Maybe, just maybe.

  7. None of your business ReG!

  8. Ok ok... chill... Don't want things to get ugly.

  9. hey, i juz wanna say that this isn't nobody's business (even i'm here!). granted, by blogging, jolene is inviting public opinion such as anon's. but reg is just not happy that anon has given negative comments about jo's bf when anon doesn't know more details. reg has watched kh and jo's relationship grow over the years and being a good fren of jo, she certainly doesn't want any stranger to intrude. of coz anon has apologised, but then, the apology again included disparaging remarks... which must have displeased reg, jo's good friend. let's just all be aware that good friendship should never be discounted. anon's concern is appreciated, but words of support for jo would be more appropriate in this case.

  10. Oh come on anon is just a shallow guy. I think he is jealous of your relationship with your SO or he is secretly in love with you. I hope he isn't someone you know. Let's ignore him.

    All the guyz in your Vday outing are wearing white. So funny.

    Good that you have enjoyed yourself even though your guy is not around.

    See you!

  11. JW,
    WAH! You seldom post comments here... So honoured... Thanx for all the support! ;P

    I know this is really late. Thanx for dropping by. Seriously, I hope anon isn't somebody I know or I would have been very disappointed in him.

    Some of the guyz were wearing shirts with prints but probably because they are white based that's why turned out like this in the photos.

    Hear from you again... Ü


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