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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Of Zoe, Li-Lin, Chocolates, A thousand face guy, Beach and Cats

Zoe Tay is beginning to get on my nerves.


Rustic Nirvana therapies

Similac milk powder

Drypers diapers

Why endorse when you don’t use them yourself?


I like Wong Li-lin a lot. She is one hot mama and Cadence is absolutely adorable! But she said something which is kinda “OUCH”. “Zoe’s already showing her baby flashcards [… …] I usually just give Sage a waterbottle or packet of tissue and say, ‘Here go and play!’ Einstein never said you must do that (show flashcards). I just want her to have fun. If you’re smart, you’re smart. If you’re not, you’re not.”

Hey… some babies do enjoy flashcards a lot okay. And I could really see the positive impact of flascards on them. I just hope Sage Cadence truly has fun with her water bottle and tissue paper. Maybe, she would learn to unscrew the bottle cap all by herself, accidentally spill some water, tear open the packet of tissue and wipe up the mess. That would train her fine motor skills.

Am I stupid to say that I want to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? It is a sin to watch movies adapted from books, especially books that require lots of imagination on the part of the reader. After holding a certain image of how the chocolate factory looked like in my mind’s eyes as a child, the scene that greeted me on the trailer proved somewhat disappointing to the extent of being tacky.

“I wasn’t a really big fan of the first film, which is probably why I wanted to do this. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is an opportunity for us to be more faithful to the spirit of the book.” –Tim Burton

What spirit?

Nevertheless, I still think I would watch it. Just to see how different it is from what I had imagined.

Tacky aside, I think Johnny Depp looks kind of freaky as Mr Willy Wonka. If I were Charlie, I would run like Lincoln Six Echo (McGregor) and Jordon Two Delta (Johansson) to my utopic island instead of hanging around that freak of Wonka.

It’s funny how some of my gal pals would squeal that Johnny Depp is cute. So far, I haven’t really seen how the real Johnny Depp looks for he looks really very different in all the shows I’ve caught with him starring in it.

Edward Scissorhands
Image Hosted by

Sleepy Hollow
Image Hosted by

Chocolat (He looks the best in this. Dastardly but dashing…)
Image Hosted by

Pirates of the Carribean (The pirate who sashays)
Image Hosted by

And Willy Wonka
Image Hosted by

I could almost swear they are not the same person.

More of the thousand-face guy here.

On the topic of chocolates…

During the last week of July, kiasu hs and I went to grab more Meiji chocolates as NTUC has promotion for them during the month of July. From $3.90 to $2.90, it’s a great steal! So far, my family has finished 3 tubes this month (which is considered quite mild)… went to get 4 more.

My Meiji stash!!!
Free Image Hosting at

Haven’t eaten any as I’m still trying to recover. It’s not always that I “fight poison with poison”.

I had wanted to stock up more tubes on the last day of July but the NTUC at my house doesn’t carry this range of Meiji chocolates. So disappointed… have to survive on what I have then.

Then on that same no-Meiji-at-Khatib-NTUC-disappointing day, My 2nd sis came home with a kitten close on the heels. She claimed that the kitten had followed her all the way up to the 4th floor after she stroked it. The kitten was CUTE!!!

It refused to budge and we refused to feed it right at our doorstep for fear of it coming back. So we had to lure it down. That kitten is quite dumb. It keeps cutting into people’s path, almost tripping us over.

I took a video of the whole scene. Please ignore my sister’s footwear. She is not trying to do Kevin Federline by pairing socks with sandals.

Error: Due to persistent abuse we regret we are no longer accepting uploads from your region at this time.
Uh-oh… I can’t upload the video. Apparently too many Singaporeans are making use of this free video upload. I will upload it another time.

Uploaded video on 30th August. Thanx to dear Suyin who helped me all the way from Virginia.
Click here to watch 'Dumb kitten'

The kitten doing a “THE CAT” series.
Image Hosted by

It kept moving about so my sis had to carry it to have its photo taken
Image Hosted by

So cute!!!
Image Hosted by

As compared to kh’s bro’s ugly kitten.
Image Hosted by

Oh this photo doesn’t give a clear picture of its ugliness.

How about this?
Image Hosted by

I’ve always wondered why he picked that kitten up. I don’t know what her name is, but I call her “Ugly cat”. It’s so un-cute, it’s irritatingly playful, it’s dirty, it keeps blocking people’s paths and it’s such a nuisance. But still, a cat will always be a cat, and I’m beginning to have some feelings for that ugly cat.

Oh and no more “Why does it always rain on me?” I finally SQUEEZED some time out and headed for the beach. After so long, that was the 1st Monday that didn’t rain. Also, kh had the afternoon off. Die die also must make some time for the beach!

Views from where I was…
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

After that, we went to celebrate kh’s mum’s birthday at Yu Jia Zhuang.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

The photos weren’t take at Yu Jia Zhuang of course.

I’m burnt only on my right as that was where the sun was beating down from. Kh thought I was pure dumb as to forget to “roll over” constantly. Hey! I fell asleep la!

I’m itching all over now…


  1. Ah... You finally went to the beach! Congratulations on finding time off. Hope you get a nice tan. ^_^

  2. Hey lil lolita... prissy lil kitten... where is da bikini with overflowin juice? Too shy to post bikini you up?

  3. Unfortunately I don't have much of a tan... *sobz*

  4. go tan lohz.
    get a dark tan sun screen.
    I used to do tan @ yishun safra.
    now pot belly coming out, got to work out before going for a tan.

  5. I've been wanting to... but haven't got the time.

  6. i wonder who that anonymous is....he sounds so disgusting. anyway....i oso watch the charlie movie!! and i agree with you!! the willy wonka like some kinda sicko so different from the kind and crazy old man i imagined him to be!! (well, he wanted to retire so i assume he's not young). glad u din really like the movie too cos lots of pp like it (esp those that din read the book...i wonder wat they were doing when they were kids). and the johnny depp really looks so different every time. he looks scary here tho with his too smooth n too white skin...esp when he smiles ot talk, den his skin will stretch v unnaturally...eeeks! scarier den the maid...hahaha!! anyway, the clouds look v nice...n u still look as hot as ever n kh is stil u remain so thin is really beyond me. i'm gaining weight, yes worse then the last time u saw me..sobs :( --xtina

  7. xtina,

    I haven't watched the movie but everybody who has, said that it's not bad. Even those who have read the book. One of them even wanted to buy the soundtrack!

    You watched The Maid? Scary? Haha... I refrain from watching horror shows due to my persistent late night sleeping and pilfering for food in the kitchen late at night.

    It's also beyond me... I wish to gain alittle more weight. High metabolism I guess. You are not fat lor... Maybe only at you know where... HAHAHAHAHA


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