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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Strange things may be generally accounted for if their cause be fairly searched out.

I have wanted to blog about the happenings during the night cycling that took place between Friday night to Saturday morning. Met up with good old friends again, 13 of us… cycling through the night… with not a care in the world… save for the aching butt and muscles.

However, I slept too much and this affected my sentimental mood and writing propensity. I went home on Saturday morning and slept all the way till evening. And then I was finally available at home on a Saturday night to catch the Paris Hilton reality show for the first time while waiting for someone to call. The call never came. I felt a bit upset but I was too exhausted to feel upset and so I dragged myself to my bed. The freshly laundered sheets must have had some sleep inducing powers for I slumbered all the way till this morning. I awoke a very depressed person.

I believe that while I was sleeping, I was reminded about certain happenings in my life that weren’t exactly positive. And when I awoke, certain happenings in real life that weren’t exactly positive greeted me. I became even more disheartened.

I do not even know what’s stirring in my heart and my mind, but I am affecting everyone I love with unkind words. And then I felt lousy. I do not even understand myself… and the worst state to be in is to face another woeful individual in the mirror crying relentlessly, without an answer to my problems.

Or was there even a problem?

I don’t know. I really don’t know.

My heart is akin to some cryptic rune. My mind unable to unravel it’s underlying mystery.

Something is missing in my life. And I can’t decipher what it is.

1 comment:

  1. If it helps, there's always something missing in everyone's lives because nobody's life is perfect.


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